Welcome to SEPP

SEPP is the Software Deployment System which was developed by Tobias Oetiker

Learning SEPP

If you want know more about SEPP, make sure to read the SEPP Documentation.

Or take a look at the SEPP paper presented at LISA'98 in Boston.

And just in case you wonder, SEPP really works! Check out package list for Solaris or Debian GNU/Linux.

Getting SEPP

SEPP is freely available under the GNU Public License (GPL). To install SEPP on your own system you need two things:

Unpack both in a subdirectory called '/usr/sepp'

Get both Packages here.

If you are using SEPP, please make sure you Subscribe to the SEPP mailinglist by sending an email with the subject "subscribe" to sepp-request@list.ee.ethz.ch. There is an archive of past list activitiy.

Who is using SEPP outside ETH Zurich

Please send additions to this list to: ISG.EE

Registered ETH Package Maintainers and their Signs

ab Adrian von Bidder
ak Andreas Karrer
as Anton Schultschik
am Marco Amrein (mam)
aw Andreas Wieland
be René Beutler
bf Felix Bindschädler
bm Beat Mueller
bo Anja Boehm
bk Kristin Browne
br Roman Bigler
bs Salvatore Bonaccorso
bt Beat Muheim
de Demian David Schaerer
ds David Schweikert
cl Christian Lukasczyk
cr Christian Resnik
cs Christian Stoecklin
dg David Gunzinger
dr Dominik Regli
eh Elmar Heeb
et Edwin Thaler
fe Felix Etter
he Hendrik Jaeger
fg Freudig Guenter
gh Germain Haugou
hg Harry Giger
hps Hanspeter Schmid
js Jacques Supcik
jh Jan Hacker
ke Klaus Ethgen
kgf Frank K. Gurkaynak
lc Corin Lanser
ma Matthias Braendli
me Matthias Egger
mo Manuel Oetiker
mr Marco Reimers
mt Milan Tadian
mb Martin Berger
ol Olivier Bourquin
pg Pierre-Alain Genilloud
pm Patrick Meier
rb Ray Ballisti
rp Roman Plessl
rs Roya Soleymani Kohler
rw Ronald Wakefield
sa Simon Alder
sd David Schneider
sg Sascha Giger
sm Simon Moser
ss Stephan Scholze
st Ruedi Strub
sw Stefan Walter
tm Tobias Meier
to Tobias Oetiker
ts Thomas Steingruber
vg Victor Götsch
vj Volker Peter Jantzen
wi Christoph Wicki
za Fritz Zaucker
Additions welcome, please send them to ISG.EE.
Created by ISG.EE on Jan 22, 2007.